Bringing Hope to Pastors

Macedonian Ministry began in 2008 with the goal of helping pastors become more faithful and effective leaders in their congregations and local communities. Pastors are often faced with numerous challenges that can lead to a sense of isolation, discouragement, and despair; the urgent need for clergy renewal cannot be overstated. Through our five pillars, pastors are provided an array of tools to connect with fellow pastors, renew their ministry, and strengthen their relationship with God.

Pastors are Missing Critical Training

In Seminary, pastors receive intensive training and study many subjects that are vital to a successful ministry. These core areas of study enrich a pastor spiritually and set them on a path of theological discovery, but there are still several ‘missing links’ that are equally important to running a healthy, vibrant church. In order for a pastor – and the church – to thrive, pastors require training in these ‘real world’ subjects. Macedonian Ministry helps fill the gaps by giving pastors additional resources, exposing them to these areas of real world leadership, and providing a community of peers with which to develop a richer understanding of their calling.

Our Approach to Pastoral Revitalization

Our program brings together a cohort of approximately 8-15 clergy for a period of three years. A carefully crafted curriculum addresses needs for personal pastoral revitalization, and also develops strategies for leading a dynamic and effective ministry.