Renewing the Lives of Pastors

For decades, Atlanta philanthropists Tom and Ann Cousins have sensed God’s call to do two things: (1) break the intergenerational cycle of poverty, and (2) renew the lives of pastors. Believing pastors have a significant leadership platform from which to transform their congregations and impact their local communities, and desiring to provide opportunities for ongoing education and support, the Cousins began funding trips to the Holy Land for groups of pastors in 1995. Pastors who journeyed together in the Holy Land developed deep bonds, and it became clear they desired to continue on a “pilgrimage” together after they returned. Continuing these relationships after the pilgrimage proved challenging because the pastors were spread out all over America.

Responding to a Need

To address this need for ongoing fellowship and support, Rev. Dr. Tom Tewell came to the Cousins’ CF Foundation in 2008 with the idea of gathering together cohorts of pastors from the same geographic area that could come together for an ongoing fellowship of mutual support and continuing education. The foundation enthusiastically agreed to start a pilot project. The Holy Land Pilgrimage became a piece of a much more comprehensive, three-year leadership renewal program for pastors, and Dr. Tewell served as mentor for the first cohort in Atlanta, which consisted of seventeen pastors from small, struggling congregations.

Come Over and Help

During the three years of the initial Macedonian Ministry experience from 2008-2011, the first cohort of Macedonian Ministry pastors grew into a close-knit Christian community; characterized by peer learning, close friendships, the renewal of Christian vocation, and a deepened faith in Jesus Christ. Since that first pilot in 2008, Macedonian Ministry has grown to serve over 480 pastors around the country and in Scotland. 

Our Mission Continues

With the support of pastors willing to step out in faith, generous donors, and surprising movements of the Holy Spirit, God continues to bless the Cousins’ vision of renewing pastors by providing Macedonian Ministry with exciting and challenging opportunities to serve clergy all over the world.

The Generosity of the Cousins Family

Tom and Ann Cousins have a long history of philanthropic endeavors, and their generosity has made a lasting impact on countless lives in their hometown of Atlanta and beyond.

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