An Eye on Future Growth – 2016 and Beyond

As our program continues to expand with new concepts and new Cohorts, we cast an eye to the short and long-term future, as we seek new ways to reach more pastors and communities.

  • New Cohorts in 2016:

Warsaw, NC – This is a rural, interracial cohort, mentored by a bi-vocational pastor, Ted Thomas. 

Twin Cities, MN – This ecumenical cohort began in January and is co-mentored by Rev. Jack Fortin and Rev. Kelly Chatman.

New York City, NY – This inner city cohort includes Roman Catholic priests and Protestant pastors and is mentored by Dr. J.C. Austin.

  • We held three Holy Land Pilgrimages for five cohorts in 2016 that focused on claiming our apostleship as “the sent ones” into the world. In addition, to allow more networking possibilities for our pastors, we are now having two cohorts travel together on most of our pilgrimages.
  • As a new feature of our ministry this past year, we are now providing a retreat for new cohorts in the first few months of their life together, led by a member of our MM staff. We have offered this overnight retreat on the theme, “Remembering and Becoming Who You Are.” We focus on baptism, vocation and Christian character. We have led retreats for our new cohorts in North Dakota, Scotland, Twin Cities, New York City, and rural North Carolina.

An Evolving Process – 2015 Highlights

The steady growth of Macedonian Ministry is a testimony to the urgent need for pastoral renewal. While we are enormously proud of the achievements of our Cohort programs, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and expand the offerings we provide.

Welcoming New Cohorts

We started 5 new Cohorts in St. Andrews, UK; Delray Beach, FL; North Central Iowa Presbytery, East Cluster ; North Central Iowa Presbytery, West Cluster;  and Watford City, ND welcoming 55 more pastors and congregations into our program.

We’re International!

The St. Andrews Macedonian Ministry Cohort was formed and conducted their first formal meeting on September 8, 2015.

Macedonian Ministry National Conference

We convened our first-ever national Macedonian Ministry conference on August 31 – September 2, 2015 in Atlanta, GA. Macedonian Ministry mentors and pastors from around the country came together to network with one another and share “best practices in ministry.”