Your Ministry is Our Mission

I said ‘yes’ to being a cohort member because I am a lifelong learning and the opportunity to delve into the Macedonian Ministry curriculum was one I couldn’t refuse. I also miss the camaraderie and collegiality of seminary and was really impressed with and am drawn to get to know my fellow cohort members.
Jennifer MaxellCohort Member, PastorBreakthrough Fellowship
I said yes to being the mentor of this cohort because I have experienced the gift of Macedonian Ministry, as a former member of a cohort, and I wanted to pay that forward. Also, the timing was right in my ‘bandwidth’ to do this and I’m thrilled about the incredible cohort that we have brought together.
Marthame SandersMENTOR, AIJCAST
I said yes to being a member of this cohort because of the opportunity to connect with clergy, be around people who get it, and to learn and grow from a shared table.
Stephanie CooperCohort Member, University Baptist Church
It presented itself as an interesting opportunity and I’m already involved, in some capacity, of bringing pastors and ministers together. This gave me a better opportunity to bring more of a variety of ministers together and I’m excited to see what we can accomplish as a group through the discussions, tackling problems, and tacking issues in the community. I thought this was just an excellent opportunity!
Willie DarbyMentorPenn Avenue Baptist Church
Macedonian Ministry creates an environment every pastor longs for. The richness of monthly fellowship with other pastors facing similar challenges, combined with excellent opportunities for learning from the best teachers around and the Holy Land pilgrimage – all worked together to rejuvenate my ministry. Everyone should have a Macedonian Ministry experience!
C. Gray NorsworthyPastorJohns Creek Presbyterian Church, Georgia
I think Macedonian Ministry is such a gift to rural pastors. Macedonian Ministry is on to something — God is moving in exciting ways, and I’m so grateful for the chance to play a small part in this ministry. You are a gift.
Associate PastorFirst Presbyterian Church of Missoula, MT