1 Contact and Personal Information
2 A Covenant for Macedonian Ministry Pastors
3 Macedonian Ministry Cohort Meeting Schedule
4 Assumption of Risk and Release Agreement
5 Emergency Contact Information
  • Contact & Personal Information

    The information provided will not be shared beyond MM staff and your facilitator, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Very dissatisfiedSomewhat dissatisfiedSomewhat satisfiedVery satisfied
    Your overall effectiveness as a leader
    Your ability to connect with the congregation through your sermons
    Your spiritual life
    Opportunities for continuing education
    Relations with other clergy and/or staff members
    Your relations with lay leaders, volunteers and/or clients
    Your salary and benefits or stipend
    Your family life
  • NeverSometimesFairly OftenVery Often
    Doubted that you are called by God to the ministry
    Experienced stress because of the challenges you face in your current position
    Had difficulty saying "no" to requests from others
    Blocked off intentional time with/for your family
    Taken a prophetic or unpopular stand
    Received support from a clergy colleague or mentor
    Felt lonely or isolated in your work
    Struck a comfortable balance between your work and personal life
    Interacted with ministers who are very different from you (e.g.different age, gender, denomination or faith tradition, and or race or ethnicity)