Our Mentorship Process

Each cohort is guided by a mentor whose responsibility is to plan and lead the cohort’s activities and, above all, be a pastor to the cohort of pastors throughout their three-year experience. Macedonian Ministry selects ministers who fully understand the life of a pastor, have a track record of strong leadership, grasp the mission of Macedonian Ministry, and appreciate what it takes to renew spiritual life. Strong mentors combine genuine Christian maturity with a pastoral sensibility. They will be able to establish trust in the cohort and facilitate its bonding into a strong community of faith.

Mentors must be willing to commit to leading the cohort for the entire three years and participate in all program components. Our mentors know the importance of checking in regularly with the members of the cohort and supporting them with the ministry of presence and prayer. Our mentors are available for one on one conversation with pastors in between the meetings and occasionally, at the invitation of the pastor, to meet with a congregation’s board or leaders.

Mentors gather annually in Atlanta for the sharing of best practices, and in addition they receive continuous training and nurturing by the Macedonian Ministry staff throughout the Program. Our Director of Curriculum and Mentoring, the Rev. Dr. Sue Westfall, is in regular touch with the mentors to provide ongoing resources for their ministry. The mentors communicate regularly with one another and, in a sense, become a Macedonian Ministry cohort of their own.

Mentoring: A Lasting Investment in the Next Generation of Leaders

Mentoring is the investment of one’s life and leadership in the life and leadership of another person. It is the most powerful means to personal growth. It is a lasting investment in the next generation of leaders. Mentors take an interest in the whole person. It is much more than helping someone develop skills in one functional area or performing particular tasks better. Mentoring is encouraging and empowering the whole person.

Mentoring widens the circle of caring, listening and encouragement. It is a gift to be shared and redistributed…for life-long discipleship!