A Journey in the Holy Land

A pilgrimage to the Holy Land affords a rare opportunity for pastors to take a two week respite from the rigorous demands of pastoral ministry, and focus on the life, ministry and the teachings of Jesus in a fresh way. Pastors returning from our pilgrimages have told us their relationship with God was deepened, their lives transformed, and that their preaching will never be the same.

Our hope is that the pilgrimage will be a time of retreat, personal experience of biblical places, and spiritual renewal for every pastor:


We provide an opportunity for the pastors to get away from their fast-paced routines, pressures and stresses of their congregations, and to slow down and tend to their own spiritual health.

Experiencing God in Biblical Places

Following in the footsteps of thousands of pilgrims who have gone before them, and in the company of other pastor pilgrims, the Macedonian Ministry pastors visit places they have heard and preached about for years. When they walk by the Sea of Galilee, or down the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, they also reconnect with God through Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Renewal

We provide private time, holy places, spiritual guidance, and opportunities to identify profoundly with the life and ministry with Jesus, and to deepen our faith with God. What better way for Macedonian ministers to establish bonds of understanding, friendship, and trust than to go on a Holy Land Pilgrimage together?

Icing on the Spiritual Renewal Cake

Travelers spend the first week at one location in Galilee, and the second week at one location in Jerusalem. Though we do not ignore the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that is right in front of us, our focus is not political social awareness, interfaith dialogue, or tourism. To avoid an exhausting and muddled experience, we hold firmly to our mission. This program is about retreat, a personal experience of biblical places, and spiritual renewal. It truly is the “icing on the cake” of the three-year Macedonian experience.

Macedonian Ministry gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Tom and Ann Cousins and the CF Foundation in making this pilgrimage possible.