Individual and Collective Growth

Macedonian Ministry brings together a committed cohort of approximately 8-15 clergy for a period of three years. A carefully crafted curriculum addresses needs for personal pastoral growth, and develops strategies for leading dynamic and effective ministries. Under the leadership of a trained facilitator, these cohort groups engage in a spiritual journey of enrichment and rejuvenation that will have a positive and lasting impact.

Built on this missional foundation, the six pillars of our proven method are:

Committed Cohorts

Cohorts are made up of 10-15 ministry leaders that represent the diversity of a local community and who are committed the development of their personal and professional lives as well as their congregations’ engagement beyond the walls of their church. A cohort is a supportive learning community of practice and an incubator for developing leaders.

Trained Facilitators

Facilitators plan and lead cohort development, serving as a pastor to the pastors throughout their journey. Macedonian Ministry Facilitators are carefully selected and uniquely trained to lead the cohort for their three-year journey. They promote an environment where pastor’s spiritual health and leadership capacity can thrive.

Contextualized Peer Learning

Facilitators and cohorts engage in a highly contextualized process-oriented curriculum, designed to develop creative, adaptive, and collaborative leaders for the church and surrounding community.

Community Engaged Congregations

Engaging lay leaders through faculty-led seminars and other avenues for lay leader development is essential for healthy congregations and flourishing communities. Cohorts intermittently host these opportunities thorough the duration of the three-year program.

Access to Leading Voices

Macedonian Ministry cohorts are members of a larger learning community that include renowned faculty, expert led workshops, engaging seminars, and timely webinars.

Pilgrimage and Formative Immersion

Recognizing that sustained learning takes place in communities of practice where there are deep bonds and shared, hands-on experiences, Macedonian Ministry offers cohorts a Holy Land Pilgrimage as well as state-side immersion opportunities in a variety of unique ministry contexts.

More on Committed Cohorts

To get additional information about our cohorts, please contact:

Rev. Adam Borneman
Program Director for Cohorts and Alumni

More on Trained Facilitators

To get additional information about our facilitators, please contact:

Rev. Dr. Sue Westfall
Program Director for Curriculum & Facilitation