“Iron Sharpening Iron”

Macedonian Ministry groups are designed to embody the most fruitful insights and practices of the Christian tradition while drawing strength from contemporary discussions about creative and effective leadership in many spheres of life (e.g., business, government, and non-profits).  We intend our Macedonian Ministry groups to be a place where pastors not only feel valued and supported in their ministry but also equipped for more dynamic ministry.  Pastors in these groups will feel both the warmth of Christian fellowship and the thrill of “iron sharpening iron.”

The Four Keys to the Cohort Experience

A Covenant of Commitment

Essential to the Macedonian Ministry model is the covenant relationship between Macedonian Ministry, cohort mentors, participating pastors, and their congregations. The pastors are asked to sign a covenant indicating a commitment to fully participating in the cohort, which includes consistent attendance at meetings and undertaking of some basic spiritual disciplines. Mentors sign a covenant indicating their commitment to the roles and expectations of a Macedonian Ministry mentor. We also ask that the governing board of each pastor’s congregation sign a covenant indicating their support for the pastor during the program.

An Intentional Learning Community

As part of the three-year commitment to the cohort, pastors will be asked to study scripture, read books, and attend seminars. The content will be largely based on the Macedonian Ministry curriculum and facilitated by the cohort’s mentor in conjunction with the Macedonian Ministry staff.

A Supportive Community

Macedonian Ministry cohorts are not only educational, they are also supportive. Deep bonds are developed within a cohort, providing for mutual support, encouragement, and sharing in life’s highs and lows together.

Community Engagement

A missional focus is essential to our program. Our curriculum is structured in such a way that the pastors learn how to be missional theologians who teach their congregations that they exist for the world.

So Who Typically Participates in a Macedonian Ministry Cohort?

  • Cohorts are made up of 8 to 15 pastors.
  • Cohorts are gathered with the aim of representing the community’s diversity.
  • Most participants are between the ages of late 20’s and early 50’s.
  • Often, participants have been in parish ministry for at least 5 years, and are at least 5 years away from retirement.
  • Sometimes the cohorts include pastors who are serve in a full-time specialized or community service/engagement ministry.
  • While there are exceptions, it’s generally better if two people from the same ministry staff are not in the same cohort.

Interested in starting a cohort?

The process of assembling a new cohort group is undertaken with patience, prayer, and careful consideration. Learn more about how to get involved!