Beyond the Curriculum – A Foray into Deeper Learning

Over your three years as a Macedonian cohort, we encourage each Cohort to host a workshop for your community, churches and other pastors. We will help you design and fund that workshop. Your cohort is the “host,” Macedonian Ministry is the sponsor. What a great team! We can help you bring in outside resources and/or use members of our staff to address issues facing the Church and world today. As your cohort has been blessed by being together, so you will bless others by inviting them to join you for this workshop.

Workshops provide an environment for pastors, and others in the community, to be exposed to creative new ideas, and offer resources to help them lead their congregations with a more dynamic and effective ministry. They allow pastors to engage in highly specialized learning, exploration, and enrichment beyond the core curriculum of the Cohort program.

Additional Services Offered

As a complement to our workshops, Macedonian Ministry offers additional services for participating pastors and congregations:

Consulting services

Under the leadership of our Consultant in Workshops and Pastoral Consultations, Steve Eason, Macedonian Ministry staff will work with cohort participants through their mentor to identify ministry circumstances in which consulting services are deemed beneficial.


In the first and third year of the cohort experience, Macedonian Ministry provides an overnight retreat, usually led by Macedonian Ministry staff. These retreats take place in a convenient location for the cohort, and are planned in conjunction with the cohort mentor. The opening retreat typically focuses on the vocation and character of the pastor. At the end of the third year, the closing retreat provides an opportunity for the cohort to end their three-year experience on a high note, and look to God for how they will continue in friendship, ministry, and mission in the future.

Leadership Conference

Periodically, all former and current pastors in Macedonian groups around the country are invited to a Christian leadership conference in Atlanta, sponsored by Macedonian Ministry. This conference is designed to help pastors broaden their leadership skills and to allow pastors in Macedonian Ministry cohorts from all over the country to network with one another. This conference features workshops from pastors in the Macedonian Ministry program, as well as members of our Advisory Board, our faculty … and a few surprise guests!

The Foundation for New Explorations

Instructors for our seminars are drawn not only from the church, but from other arenas of leadership – the business world, the non-profit community, academia, and government. Carefully crafted along particular themes, examples of past seminars include:

  • Taking Your Church to the Next Level
  • Taking Your Preaching to the Next Level
  • Taking Your Hospitality to the Next Level
  • Taking Your Leadership to the Next Level
  • Taking Your Generosity to the Next Level
  • Taking Your Creative Imagination to the Next Level
  • Taking Your Urban Ministry to the Next Level
  • Taking Your Communication to the Next Level
  • Taking Your Courageous Leadership to the Next Level