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The process of assembling a new cohort group is undertaken with patience, prayer, and careful consideration. Assembling a healthy cohort of pastors can take anywhere from six months to over a year! We will work closely with you to be sure we have the right pastors for the cohort, and to ensure that the cohort as a whole will provide a meaningful and effective experience. You will work with our director of cohorts, Rev. Adam Borneman, in order to assemble a cohort that best suits your pastors and the community they serve.

A few things to consider before starting a Cohort

  1. Starting a healthy and successful cohort takes time, persistence, and patience. In order to provide a high quality and fruitful experience for pastors, Macedonian Ministry will typically take at least 9 to 12 months to plan a cohort. This planning includes identifying mentors, securing funding, planning a three-year program, and assembling a group of pastors that will form a healthy, balanced cohort.
  2. There is no guaranteed timeline for when your cohort will start. Depending on the above factors, some cohorts will be planned very quickly while others will take years to put together. Still, some will never get off the ground.
  3. We take the cohort assembly process seriously. It’s important that the cohort indicates a healthy balance, formation, group dynamic, and representation that is in keeping with your context and the aims of your cohort. This particular component is increasingly important as Macedonian Ministry intends to prioritize cohorts that are ecumenical and representative of the community makeup.

Process of Starting a Cohort

The following is a brief description of the process for starting a Macedonian Ministry cohort in your community.

  • Fill out a proposal (see online form below)
  • Meet with our director of cohorts, Reverend Borneman
  • Work with the Macedonian Ministry team to:
    • identify cohort leadership
    • plan preliminary gatherings and seminars for prospective pastors
    • secure funding
    • assemble a cohort
    • plan out your 3-year program

Cohort Assembly Timeline

Please note that while this timeline outlines the typical schedule for cohort assembly, it is understood that depending on funding and other factors, some timelines may start at a different point during the year. See timeline below or download PDF.

January – May

  • Identify Mentor and core group of pastors interested in starting an MM cohort.
  • MM staff work with mentor, pastors, and other contacts to identify local funding.
  • Work with mentor and core group to identify 15 prospective cohort members. Meet with these prospective members as scheduling and availability allows. (Before officially starting in February of the following year, a cohort is required to have a minimum of 10 participants).


  • Send official recommendation letter to all (up to 15) prospective pastors. The letter will stipulate a deadline for them to indicate whether they’re interested in staying in the conversation. These are all pastors we should have personally contacted and/or met with in the initial phase of assembly.

July – October

  • Fill any open slots left over from the original 15 (Send new letters, packets).
  • In addition to ongoing meetings with individuals and small groups of prospective pastors, MM cohorts director and cohort mentor will schedule three “large group” gatherings for the entire prospective cohort for dates between July and October. The purpose of these gatherings is for the cohort to “gel’ and get a sense of the group dynamics before making a three-year commitment. Prospective cohort members are required to attend at least two of these gatherings, or communicate with mentor and MM staff about their inability to do so.


  • Send out official invitations to final group of prospective pastors to join cohort, via snail mail and email.
  • Have each individual pastor complete their paperwork for participation by the end of October. Paperwork will be completed online through the MM website.


  • Before officially starting, a cohort is required to have a minimum of 10 participants
  • Cohort gathers before November 31 in order to plan out first year, which will begin in February.
  • Mentor uploads/sends cohort schedule to MM staff.


  • First official cohort meeting.

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