A supportive community for spiritual and leadership growth

Cohorts are made up of 10-15 ministry leaders who represent the diversity of a local community and who are committed to the development of their personal and professional lives, as well as their congregations’ engagement beyond the walls of their church.

  • A covenant of commitment demonstrates the deep and spiritual engagement of every cohort member
  • The three-year program cultivates lasting and meaningful bonds through trust and mutual support
  • A missional focus helps pastors and their congregations seek ways to benefit the world around them

Thoughtful voices serving as pastors to the pastors

Facilitators lead cohort members throughout their three-year journey, and they are carefully selected and uniquely trained to plan cohort development and promote an environment where pastor’s spiritual health and leadership capacity can thrive.

  • Investing one’s own life in the life and leadership of others helps develop the next generation of leaders
  • Committing to the development of the whole person is a powerful means to personal growth and discovery
  • Widening the circle of caring, listening and encouragement cultivates lifelong discipleship

A blueprint for thriving ministries that benefit the community

A highly contextualized, process-oriented curriculum is designed to develop creative, adaptive and collaborative leaders for the church and surrounding community, with a core curriculum that is modified and specially designed to meet the unique needs of each individual cohort.

  • Programs are tailored to answer the question, “what can I do to be a more successful pastor?”
  • Through a community of intentional learning and support, pastors grow emotionally and spiritually
  • A rigorous review process ensures that the curriculum is adaptive to ever-changing pastoral needs

A common understanding of the goals of the church helps drive success

A thriving ministry should extend beyond the walls of the church to serve the broader community, and the program engages lay leaders in faculty-led seminars and other avenues of development so these leaders within the church can support the efforts of the pastor and the congregation.

  • Pastors emerge from the cohort with access to knowledgeable and trained lay leaders within their church
  • Pastors are better equipped to delegate specific programs and community outreach initiatives
  • Exposure to the process allows lay leaders to better understand and better serve the needs of the pastor

An array of programs for foundational learning beyond the curriculum

Cohorts are part of a larger learning community featuring renowned faculty, expert-led workshops, engaging seminars, and timely webinars that emphasize practical skills in effective leadership for both pastors and lay leaders.

  • Workshops provide creative new ideas and core resources to grow more dynamic and effective ministries
  • Gain insights from leaders in the church, business world, academia, government and non-profit sectors
  • Cohort members also have access to specialized consulting services, retreats, and leadership conferences

A focused journey of rejuvenation for the mind, body and spirit

Because sustained learning takes place in communities of practice and shared hands-on experiences, cohorts may engage in a Holy Land pilgrimage as well as state-side immersion opportunities in a variety of unique ministry contexts.

  • Two-week pilgrimages deepen connections within the cohort and foster special, lasting bonds
  • An immersive experience provides a respite from the daily demands of a pastoral ministry
  • Spiritual renewal of the individual self allows pastors to explore ways to better serve their communities